Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Donating to Oklahoma Disaster Aid Groups With GuideStar Reports

Many Americans outside Oklahoma want to help the people of Moore in the wake of yesterday's horrifying and heartbreaking tornado. The Red Cross is one of the first organizations cited and on site in such domestic disasters, but for various reasons many folks would rather give to different aid outlets. Ditto the Salvation Army and other organizations affiliated with religious groups.

Here are three more alternative organizations assisting with rescue and recovery efforts in Moore; the links provide both GuideStar financial information about the group as well as links and contact information for the organization itself:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma — they will be distributing food to displaced residents

Humane Society of Central Oklahoma — they will be caring for and feeding displaced pets and farm animals

United Way of Central Oklahoma — this umbrella organization will distribute funds to smaller local charitable organizations for relief efforts

To ensure your donations are used as you desire, indicate in any instruction field or in your check/draft notes area that funds are intended for Moore OK disaster relief if the organization does not already offer a link for that specific purpose.

If you have other suggestions for tornado disaster relief aid, please advise in comments. Thank you.

Author's note: I personally do not give funds for disaster relief to religious groups except for St. Vincent de Paul. I am concerned that some religious groups may discriminate in dispensing aid based on their beliefs, or demand prayers or other religious obligations in exchange for aid.

[Photo: Tornado as it passed south Oklahoma City, via Wikipedia.]

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